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The Serious Games Association (Singapore), in conjunction with the Serious Games Conference 2015, is organizing the 1st NHG-SGA Game Jam 2015 on 11 August 2015 at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

This inaugural Game Jam is targeted at the Subject Matter Experts from the Healthcare Sector in Singapore, it aims to stimulate innovation in the creation, development and deployment of healthcare games. The event offers the possibility to develop an idea into an innovative solution and at the same time, the opportunity to explore the process of game development.

The Winners

We would like to congratulate the winners of the competition in each category:

Health Promotion Category

Team Free Agent: Tammy Tsang; Chen Kok Pun; Lambert Low

Patient Education Category

Team Rehab: Emmeline Gay; David Zhang; Tricia Yeo

Staff Education Category

Team Lubb Dubb: Lim Siew Geok; Chan Ee Yuee; Gayathiri

Game Jam Co-Organisers Revised

Competition Theme

Participants (in teams of three) needs to develop a short game (using 3DHive) that can teach or train others in one of the following themes:

  1. Patient Education
  2. Staff Education
  3. Health Promotion

Competition Criteria

Teams participating in the NHG-SGA Game Jam are to produce a concept document of the game that they have in mind to develop under any of the 3 themes listed above. A concept document describes the general idea of the game. This document explains the game idea, refines some initial concepts of the game, and makes sure that teams are clear about the primary game objectives before they start.

In your concept document, you should have the following key points:

1. High-level Concept
This is a single line that explains your game. This can be thematic or game play related. For example: This game is about how fat storage affects the bodies’ capabilities.

2. Story and Background
This is where you can expand on the background of the game, and elaborate on the narrative around which the game is built.

3. Game Play Overview
A one paragraph description of the game, which could be fairly story oriented. In this section, talk about what the player does. Describe the actions (mechanics) that you know will be in the game using verbs. For example: Players will have to explore the stomach cavity, and find tools that will help them to reduce the stored body fat.

4. Key Features
A bullet point list of what the player can expect.

Please note:

  • The game concept document must be submitted on the 3rd August 2015 by 12 noon (Singapore Time) to the secretariat at
  • Teams will have 15 minutes to present their game concept on the 11 August 2015 in front of a panel of judges. Teams may make use of the game development tool (3dHive) taught to them at the training sessions but it is not a must.

Teams will be judged based on:

  1. Game Design (25%)
  2. Game Mechanics (25%)
  3. Learning Value (25%)
  4. Entertainment Factor (25%)


The resources for each participating team include:

  • 1 Half Day Training Session – The training session will cover game design concepts and how to use 3dHive for game development.
  • 1 Game Development Clinic Session – This will be made known to the teams on which day they could contact the game developer experts to answer their doubts before the submission date of the game concept document.
  • Student from Mages Institute of Excellence could be deployed to help teams should they need it.


In collaboration with the Serious Games Association (Singapore), Playware Studios Asia is facilitating the use of 3DHive as the game development platform for this game jam. 3DHive makes it possible for anyone to create customised 3D games in a simple to use point and click environment. Users get to focus on the content and design of games without having to do any programming. Additional information can be found at

Who is it for?

From nurses, clinicians, administrators to those considering games as the next innovative way to train their people or using it in their patient care. This is meant for those who want to make valuable contributions to the area of healthcare innovations and help increase greater productivity and efficiency.

Why participate?

Game Jam participants will benefit from:

  • Interacting with fellow colleagues to build up team work
  • Sharing the game design and development experiences of game developers and experts
  • Learning about opportunities in game design, best practices and growth areas in the applications of healthcare games
  • Sharing ideas about issues faced in the healthcare sector and how games can be a possible solution to these issues
  • Turning game design ideas into purposeful play for patients

Terms and Conditions

  • Each team must be made up of three members
  • No registration fee is required for taking part in the Game Jam & the pre-competition workshop
  • Not all members need to attend the pre-competition workshop but all three members must be present on the day of the Game Jam (11 August 2015)
  • Deadline for registration is 30 May 2015
  • Intellectual Property ownership pertaining to the concept and idea used in the competition by any team shall reside with the respective NHG institutions or participating institutions


Top teams of each category will get a set of 3 Activity Trackers per team. The prizes will be given out at the Opening Ceremony of the Serious Games Conference 2015 on 12 August 2015.


Please contact the event secretariat at:

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