Game Sessions

Game sessions are sessions where participants can get insights on serious games development from developers. These 90-minute sessions allow participants to try out the games developed by the respective session organisers and share the developers’ experience in their game design and development process. To optimize the sharing and feedback, each session is limited to 30 seats and participants can sign up for their preferred session during the registration.

Playware Studios AsiaGame Session 1-1 (12 Aug 2015 | 1100 – 1230 hrs)
Game Session: Zombie Tooth
Organised by Playware Studios Asia

Built for the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, Zombie Tooth is a game built on 3DHive to teach K-12 students about oral hygiene. It has been deployed and is widely used in Singapore MOE secondary schools. Set in a post-apocalyptic Singapore zombies infected by bad oral hygiene roam the streets and sewers. The game is separated into three distinct areas or zones, Gum Disease (easy difficulty), Tooth Decay (medium difficulty) and Tooth Trauma (hard difficulty). Each zone has its own narrative and feel to it, pushing the story of the main character and his/her companion. To complete the core objective, the player must survive waves of zombies by curing vulnerable civilians. After the completion of a zone, the player is faced with a boss battle. Furthermore, there is a secondary objective, where players can prevent tooth issues on non-player characters (NPCs). Each zone also has its own mini-games. The difficulty of each zone is defined by the benefits of the rewards generated from the minigames. For example, the hard zone will have the less rewarding elements. Each civilian can be cured from the particular stage by finishing the mini-game, if the player doesn’t succeed, the civilian turns into a zombie.

Zombie Tooth 1

Game Session 1-2 (12 August 2015 | 1330 – 1500 hrs)

Knolskape LogoGame Session: ChangeQuest
Organised by Knolskape

Enterprises around the world are experiencing an increased demand for change management training. Change Management, along with qualities such as influencing skills and leading without authority are poised to become expected competencies rather than ad-hoc requirements. “KNOLSKAPE’s ChangeQuest is a dynamic, true-to-life simulation that helps participants bridge the gap between the theory and practice of change management.

In the ChangeQuest simulation, the participant(s) have to introduce a massive, transformational change into an organization within a given time period. In order to do this, they have to convince the top managers of the organization using tactics that have the right content, context and timing. Using ChangeQuest, the participants can learn how to:

  • Approach change management strategically
  • Execute change management strategies
  • Drive momentum in the change process
  • Make change stick

KNOLSKAPE is an award winning serious gaming and simulation Software Company focusing on talent transformation. Since 2008, we have been delighting managers from Fortune 500 companies, students at top B-schools, top­notch academicians and recruiters with our simulation based products and services. We believe that the best way of learning and assessing capabilities is by doing. Keeping with this philosophy, we have been developing engaging, immersive and real life-like products and services such as business simulations, multimedia case studies, and virtual learning tools. In 2012, we bagged the APAC HR Award for best simulation solution and the Red Herring Top 100 Asia award. KNOLSKAPE is a NASSCOM Top 10 Emerge Company and Edustar of the year 2013.


Kummara LogoGame Session 3-1 (14 August 2015 | 1115 – 1245 hrs)
Game Session: MAIN Learn Lab Games
Organised by Kummara

The game session will present some board games from MAIN Learn Lab, a special business unit from Kummara that focus implementing game and gamification concept for the corporate learning environment. The participants will have unique opportunity to try some games that we design specifically to support the corporate learning process. We invite you to try our MAIN (Meaningful, Authentic, and Interactive) approach that has capability to deliver effective learning process on the following subjects: effective communication, teamwork, team engagement strategic thinking/planning; creative thinking; basic marketing concept; persuasion-negotiation, and data-driven decision making. Kummara through MAIN Learn Lab has served various companies in Indonesia and help them transform their learning environment.


Catholic High School logoGame Session 3-2 (14 August 2015 | 1330 – 1500 hrs)

Game Session: Layering Students’ Learning for Geography Education through Game-based pedagogy: The Educators’ and Researcher’s Perspectives
Organised by Catholic High School

The Geography teachers of Catholic High will share their experience designing a non-digital educational game-based approach. The approach uses iterative co-design to develop a game and accompanying curricula to teach the topic energy and to engage learners at the lower secondary level.  In particular, it uses the metaphor of layering to frame the design of the constructivist learning approach and to guide how geography content and concepts are integrated into the game and curricula.

This 90 min workshop will allow participants to play the educational card game in order to understand how the teachers built and used this card game in their class. In line with the school’s dual-track programme, presenting teachers will also share how the design is differentiated to cater to the students’ needs. Educators who are interested in designing and using games relevant to their own subjects can look forward to gaining some insights into practical game-based approaches at this workshop.Energy Card Game