SGC Session 1-A-3

June Bay
Speech Therapist
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore

Oh Chee Kiat
Institute of Technical Education College East, Singapore

Sounds Made Easy: Phonological Awareness

KKH June Bay 01‘Sounds made easy: Phonological Awareness’ ipad application is a joint development between Speech Therapists at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and lecturers at the Institute of Technical Education, College East. Used to supplement therapy sessions, this game caters for children with Phonological Awareness (PA) difficulties, which can result in reading and spelling difficulties. PA skills include rhyming, breaking words into sounds and blending sounds to form words. Developers will share their experience in designing and modifying the application. Feedback was obtained from therapists, parents and their children who had trialled the application. This game features the use of a local accent, grading of tasks according to PA skill development, as well as the provision of accurate feedback and teaching within the application to help children develop PA skills. The application is also able to monitor child’s progress and compliance to practices at home.


Yin Leng Theng
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Virtual Exercise Therapist System (VETS) for Workplace Exercise, Well-Being and Wellness

It is estimated that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for more than 75% of worldwide deaths. Among various NCDs, cardiovascular diseases account for most of the deaths globally and in Singapore. There is strong scientific evidence that healthy diet and adequate physical activity play an important role to prevent NCDs, especially cardiovascular diseases. Given that 66.7% of Singapore’s population is part of the labour force, the workplace environment has great potential for promoting healthy diet and physical activity. In our previous project titled “A2GameF3 – Design and Development of an Intergenerational Digital Mediated Fitness Game for Fitness, Fun and Friendship,” funded by A*Star (SERC Grant: 092 153 0094, March 2010 – August 2013), we proposed that Interactive Digital Technology offers a number of possible approaches for an active workplace, healthy food consumption and active social interaction. The Virtual Exercise Therapist System (VETS) prototype was designed and developed with motion sensors to encourage healthy elderly to conduct physical activity through game play. In this project, we extend the VETS prototype to the workplace wellness by introducing routine exercises through exergames. Concurrently, with the motion capture capability, the VETS system prototype would be able to record players’ movements and incorporate these raw data into centralized database system. Specially, we will focus on developing the analytics modules for players’ physical performances, and a set of self-guided exergames (digitally-mediated games with for exercises) that specially cater for the workplace exercise and wellness. Drawing upon human and organizational theories and models, this project will be constructing and conducting a series of user and usability studies to measure players’ attitudes, intentions and behaviours towards workplace exercise and wellness. Critical factors contributing to exercise, well-being and wellness for the workplace will be discussed.


David Wortley
Founder & CEO
Gamification and Enabling Technologies Strategic Solutions, United Kingdom

Gamification and Wearable Technologies in Healthcare

There are a growing number of wearable technology devices entering the market healthcare place. These devices provide unprecedented opportunities for citizens to monitor their health and better manage their lifestyles. This presentation provides some insights into the impact of these technologies on personal health management both now and in the future. It also considers the importance of gamification in translating health information into changed behaviours enabled by these technologies.


Frankie Tam
Fifth Wisdom, Hong Kong

Computer Science for Everyone!

We are living in a world surrounded by technology, from banking, medicine, entertainment to retail. While we learn how to use it, we rarely learn how it works. We should try to equip everyone with the skills to not just use the technology, but to make it work for them. Everyone should have a basic understanding that will take them through the rest of their lives!