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Serious Games Conference | SGC Session 2-A-1

SGC Session 2-A-1

Peter Kirm Seng Moey
Family Physician, Clinic Director
SingHealth Polyclinics – Pasir Ris, Singapore

Why Would a Doctor Wanna Create a Game App?

Dr Peter Moey is a Family Physician practising in a public healthcare institution. He has a keen interest in designing Apps and has recently created an App based on his other passion, Music. In this session, Dr Moey will share his experience on the practice of Family Medicine and his journey on creating Apps. He will also share challenges and opportunities in Family Medicine where Apps and/or Gamification may have a role. It is hoped that this talk may spark new ideas and conversations between Medical and IT, which can lead to better patient care.


Siew Geok Lim
Principal Nurse Educator, Nursing Service
Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Using Games to engage learners in Nursing Education

Teachers often lose their learners’ attention in a lesson that is daunting. Traditional lecture of sharing guidelines, policies, concepts and principles of care are some examples. The challenges in nursing education today are to keep teaching and learning engaging for learners. Learners’ motivation is one of the main aspects that need to be addressed for a successful learning process. The effort to raise the intrinsic motivation of the learner can be challenging but is not impossible. It is known that learning environment that is fun, entertaining and engaging helps retention in knowledge. Hence, a nurse teacher has to be creative to use a variety of mode of teaching and learning to engage learners so as to achieve optimum learning needs of learners. In nursing training, we often used game to illicit responses and evaluate understanding of the learners. This sharing session will describe the various games used in nursing training and how it has engaged the learner. The acceptance of the use of game base training and the effect on learner’s motivation and learning will be discussed.


Meiyen Chen
Dean, College of Nursing,
Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Create the Smart Home and Community through the Health Promotion Programs with Technology

Yunlin and Chiayi County are major areas of agriculture and fisheries in Taiwan, relatively, their overall social, economical and educational stratums are fairly weak than other cities. Ten years ago, Formosa Plastics Group developed the largest petrochemical sixth naphtha cracker complex industry among Southeastern Asia in Yunlin County; and the economic benefits gradually lead to the residents’ changes of their life styles and health status, such as eating more, less exercise and increasing chronic diseases, etc. According to statistical data, the population in Yunlin County is about 1.6 million, taking around 7% of Taiwan inhabitants; and the aged people are over 15% among 1.6 million, it grows into the highest elderly population ratio in Taiwan. Similarly, children and adult obesity rates are also increasing to make Yunlin County become the highest rate of schoolchildren obesity (>25%). Meanwhile, the prevalence and mortality of adult type II diabetes in the area are relatively higher than other cities in Taiwan.

The mission of this project is to enhance the health concepts and health status through performing physical fitness and related health education programs for the community residents, especially for those disadvantaged people.

To solve the above-mentioned community health problems, the research team was established from 2010, which gathers interdisciplinary experts in industry, government, and academia, such as Regional Hospital Metabolism, Cardiovascular physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, as well as the faculties in nursing, nutrition and physical education, and local public health bureau officers. Under continuous sponsorship from Taiwan Government and Formosa Plastics Group, the research team conducts a series of the rural community health promotion projects. The major project includes three stages. Firstly, arranging a holistic community assessment and setting a problem solving priority with community leaders. Second, inspired from Serious Game Association methodology, the project adopts Microsoft Xbox360 Kinetic in Mailiao community center as the experimental field and applies various X-Box Kinetic fitness sports software to research the public health education gamification. In order to promote the diversified community care health promotion activities, a variety of physical fitness sports sites and purposes are presented by means of human-computer interactive games. The most favorite fitness sports games by community people are then recorded and classified according to different ages. Every activity would be arranged by varied permutations of interesting and exciting fitness sports games. It not only drives the distinct exercise atmosphere from the traditional one, but also could encourage the grandparents to attend the boxing competition with their grandchildren jolly. The research team carries out such experiments per two weeks in community centers for several months. In the third stage, the project will include qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

According to the primary data analysis, the findings showed (1) The human-computer interaction fitness sports games not only could promote parent-child relationship between grandchildren and grandparents, it also creates the peaceful interaction among community residents. Even an original autistic tendencies deaf woman with disabilities now is merrily willing to join our fascinating health promotion fitness sports games in every activity. (2) Improving the relationship between community elders with others in the community, and decreasing their depression tendency. (3) Based on the relative relationship between the community health problems and the elderly depression tendency, we divide community health development into two research topics as mental health and physical health.

It is already confirmed that, the appropriate fitness interactive games can improve the mental health of community residents by implementing Xbox360 Kinetic sports games. Then, for the thorough research regarding how to solve the childhood obesity and health care for the elderly by means of fitness games, the study would further perform innovative technology Taggle Health Alert System in Phase II to explore the physical health and start a new era of digital health care community.

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