SGC Session 3-A-2

Niña Ana Marie Jocelyn Alindogan Sales
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Philippines
Game Developers Association of the Philippines

Gamification of Advertising and Promotion: Taking Advantage of AdverGaming
[an in-depth look at InGame Advertising, Adver | Branded Games, and the New Media]

The use of game development and other forms of new media in advertising and promotion is one of the, if not the most creative, the most aggressive and effective avenue to reach not only the target market, but the totality of the market as well. In-game advertising, advergaming or branded games combined with the power of social media and other new media would definitely solidify any campaign. New Media Advertising-Support (Ad-Support) would provide a solution for areas that could not sustain in-application ( In-App ) purchasing due to monetary constraints. It is the perfect way to monetize developed games. A benefit that both the brand and start-ups or individual ( indie ) game development companies could benefit on.


Eko Nugroho
CEO and Lead Game Designer
Kummara Studio, Indonesia

Meaningful, Authentic, and Interactive Learning Approach For Corporate Learning

Corporate learning environment is facing a new challenge; the growing numbers young employee that grown up with technology are entering the workforce. Most of them are no longer engaging with traditional form of training and find the whole learning process experience either unexciting or boring. There is a need to make the learning environment more engaging, relevant, and sticky.

In my talk I will present the idea of MAIN1 (Meaningful, Authentic, and Interactive) learning approach for the corporate learning environment. I will argue that it is important for every company to have basic understanding of game design concept and how we can implement the concept to transform the learning environment. Moreover I will also provide a basic guideline how to optimize different kind of games, gamification concept, and a simple play activities or space to enhance the learning environment.

The implementation of any game design concept and the use of games for learning environment are different with the other business environment because we usually have clearly defined learning objectives with associated learning outcome to be achieved. Therefore in the last part of my talk, I will also show some of our current games, interactive concept, and new idea that we have developed specifically to help accelerate transformation process of any corporate learning environment.



Eric Deleglise
Chief Technology Officer
Veldis Experience, Singapore

Serious Games for Management Learning

During the seminar, we single out interactive pedagogy in serious games for learning the essentials of management. It is important in a number of areas for the following reasons:


  • Pedagogical activities provide high added value (dialogue simulation, virtual office, practical simulations), especially useful for the development of behavioural competences.
  • Innovative pedagogical techniques such as metacognitive quizzes, player’s active characters etc.
  • It combines practical and theoretical aspects for a complete learning scheme.
  • Being playful, highly interactive and re-playable, they provide training tools especially efficient on the long term.

Awareness Raising:

  • It is based on practical cases, lively and off-beats, are specifically adapted to the diffusion of key-messages encouraging changes in behaviors.
  • It includes a unique know-how in the creation and animation of sympathetic and credible characters.
  • Coupled with writers and story-editors expertise in the writing of scenes which, it reflects reality with an off-beats view, remain instantly understandable.


  • It provides the user the ability to transform a training need into measurable criteria.
  • All the evaluation criteria (knowledge, know-how, self-management skills) can be integrated thanks to the richness of the pedagogical activities.
  • Its capacity to create immersive virtual simulations sharpens the evaluation and this gives you a reliable assessment.
  • The fineness of the evaluation system makes its application possible to a large number of subjects and programs.


  • It conceives the face-to-face training sessions to provide a richer and livelier training: humorous notes, collective practical cases, works in small groups followed by debates …).
  • These assets settle a real dialogue between the trainer and the group, enabling a better understanding by the individuals.
  • With various simple gameplays, our serious games are as adapted to group works as to individual training.

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